Apple’s iOS 7 Brings Jack to Tears

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I knew he would be surprised but I didn’t expect this reaction!

Another update: lost619 reminded me that he didn’t know how to unlock iOS 7 because the swipe bar was missing. After I showed him he said he didn’t like it and wanted the old one back. He was fine with everything until he realized that it wasn’t a simple setting to switch back. I was using the iPad he was upset about to film this, that’s why you don’t see him using it.

Update: My son doesn’t own an iPhone or really much of anything, he’s 4. I updated my iPad with iOS 7 and he uses it when I’m not. He wasn’t upset until I told him we couldn’t go back to iOS 6. He’s a cool kid that doesn’t like change much, deal with it.


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  1. Yeah I agree with you. I really don't like what iOS is doing now days. iOS 7 was OK, iOS 8 sucked, and now iOS nine is just plain horrible. No offense to anyone who actually likes these operating systems I just don't this is only in my opinion.

  2. Congrats Apple. Your update is so horrible, it makes kids cry!
    This is why Apple sucks, I don't like seeing little kids 8 years younger than me cry. You should be ashamed of yourself!

  3. Y'know,maybe this whole hate about the new design would stop if there was a feature to change to "Classic" or the "Modern" theme ,actually,that would be pretty cool…Not sure if it's possible tho…

  4. OMG! Your son is growing up and his video will live in our hearts forever as our inner 4 year old. My husband just upgraded to iOS 10 and your son totally gets his frustration!

  5. I feel this kid.
    I've gotten semi-used to iOS 10, but nothing beats iOS 6
    I'm an android man, but even I'd prefer iOS 6 to any andriod operating system.