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This week the gang recaps the week’s tech news including the underwhelming Apple Event and everything from the latest Nintendo Direct! Plus, James’ tribute to American Gladiators on its 30th anniversary and the latest installment of Cats: The Movie: The Game!

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  1. Imo PS2 was the best console to date. But that could also be my nostalgia talking.
    I was interested in the switch because the portability mainly just to play in other rooms in the house when I cant be my a machine. But I'm just not a huge fan on Nintendo games. I'm not really into the cartoony party game type stuff. And it seems like Nintendo will never step out of the comfort zone to make something different. The only game that looks appealing is Zelda. And buying a $300 console doesnt seem worth it to play one game.

  2. Sky Captain and the World Of Tomorrow Mentioned, swell with cult hit fanboyism

    It's not a very good movie, you're right. But if it comes on TV it's one of those movies I will always turn on. I loved the style of it back in the day and it still holds up as a stylized movie pretty well.

  3. Not sure what the "hacky" way of using iMessage was. Any Apple device (Mac, iPhone, iPad) can iMessage any other one. All iMessage accounts are based off of what you use to sign into iCloud/iTunes. If you have an iPhone, it then makes that phone number the default contact for your iMessage account. While it would be nice for it to be completely cross-platform, you can iMessage any of your iPhone friends if you only have a Macbook or iPad.

  4. I had hardly used my switch since i got it. There's some great games on it but the eshop is a dumpster fire. The games can either run great or slower than any other console. This nintendo showcase thing made me sell it sadly. Too many ports again, i don't care for the newer pokemon games and £50 a time for a new game sucks. I did enjoy the switch but it was collecting dust and i didn't see the point in having it

  5. @Elyse:
    As soon as you said you'd call the first cat "Cat with human hands", it automatically threw me back to uni watching this creepy, but really well done, stop motion animation called "The Cat With Hands".
    If you haven't seen it, watch it! It's so unsettling but a cool concept.

  6. I think the switch is the best console if you primarily play PC. If you prefer console in general over PC anyway, switch makes a great auxiliary console. I don't know if it's anyone's main platform.

  7. Not necessarily Adam.
    In Europe we still use SMS and MMS and also message apps. The second one is convenient in communication between countries at international level also we use diffrent apps but i think in US a lot of people use Imessage from Apple in first place when in europe Imessage is not that popular

  8. I think Apple's attitude to the exclusivity of their products, both in image and software, is also what will cap the number of people using their products.

    If I see anything apple branded, I'm not going to buy it or look in to it's specs, and that isn't because I hate Apple, it's because I expect it to want me to use other products of theirs and also that if I don't have the other products, I will be paying a premium but getting a more limited experience by not owning their other products.
    I'm not sure if that is correct for some of their products but I don't even care to look in to it.

    I'm not a tech-head mind, so I wouldn't be paying the price of their phones or ipads anyway. I also don't keep up-to-date with tech for a much a is like to, it's silly money to do so.

  9. Elyse is very intelligent. They all are, but she is intelligent and highly attuned to her generation. She nailed it with the Pro branding and the target demo and has done the same with other topics on various other videos. Very talented and always value her input. Apple will definitely be targeting the social media crowd as that will continue to grow during the life cycle of their next 2-3 product iterations. We are only scratching the surface of people who want to reach out and establish a monetary presence on social media.

    To be clear, big fan of everyone on the team as well, I have just noticed several very poignant insights from Elyse on a number of topics. Thank you all for the great content and for providing the best channel on YouTube.

  10. Hard disagree on the Switch being the best console. Genuinely glad for you folks that are enjoying it, but for me, the Switch has been my worst console buy by far.

  11. 39:13 I think I remember one thing or two about that Apple conference joke, but I would love to refresh my mind. I know it was in a Dude Soup episode (Not completely sure tho) but I don't remember which one.
    Can somebody help?

  12. Things to look forward to in the future:
    ❎ The technology that will advance further and further into a cyberpunk utopia
    ❎ The growth and opportunities that Funhaus will have as their channel flourishes
    ✔️ The Sonic the Hedgehog Filmhaus review