Ask Saki (#2) Why does everyone hate the iPhone? Galaxy S9 or S8? Lifespan of a flagship?

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In this video, saki will answer questions submitted by subscribers and viewers. Questions like:

– Why does everyone hate the iPhone?
– Buy the Galaxy S9 Plus or Galaxy S8 Plus?
– Buy iPad or Samsung Tab S3?
– Lifespan of a flagship?

S8 vs S9 video:

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  1. Yes everyone on comments . In my class almost everyone is with iphones . And when i asked people they say it is a good phone and they want to hold 1 in their hands . Even my grandfather uses my old 6 plus . So no not even close .

  2. iPad Pro is better for reading it has the smoothest experience and best reading app iBooks and the best features, the best multitasking features and experience, the best sharing app options.

  3. 'People' hate Apple because of their company anti-repair policies, their lack of support to third party repair shops. Support centres that can't fix phones, rather they send back to Apple and give you a refurbished one Apple is using their power of the state to dictate how how someone repairs their product and are abusing their government privileges.

  4. My s8 is freaking amazing i accidentally took a picture of my pants and I could see the stitches like it was a microscope got a badass backround now.

  5. I feel like Apple needs a internal redesign features the icons are old the layout of the icons are boring. & there is no split screen capability with there phones so that sucks, & there is no night mode that sucks. You cannot change your camera configurations that sucks that's why I switched from an iPhone to the S9+ .My wife is even a Apple lover & she is thinking about switching she has a computer watch, tablets,& iPhone now she likes Samsung I think I've converted her lol.

  6. Hi Sakitech could you please advise which one is good phone in terms of software and security updates, battery life, durable is it Samsung s9 plus(exynos version available in middle east), Huawei mate 10(standard version), Huawei mate 10pro.

  7. I don't hate apple, samsung or any other brand. Most people seem to hate brands without owning a product from the brand they claim to hate, I bet if some of those people tried the brands they claim to hate, they might see something they could potentially like.

  8. I don't hate Apple and I love android.
    People got to understand apples strengh lays in their consistency.
    Mayority of People don't like change or to many features it confuses them. They like small improvements and stability. A fact here Android has way more features but apple has consistency well oild os. Samsung s8 plus is lagging big time. I love the s9 plus but battery life is appaling my iPhone x has a much smaller battery and last all day. I own every android apple phone you can think off.
    Love Samsung but this latest battery drain in standby mode sucks.

  9. Sakitech
    One question I been wanting to asking you is, Does iphone life span last longer than android? I'm asking this question because I have known android phones don't last long and after one year or two android phone starts cracking down meaning it wont work like before.

  10. I always hated iphone because they were too restrictive with what you could do, like with bluetooth, you can't transfer pictures to people who have androids, as to the megapixels, i was told by a man in camera shop that you only need mire pixels if you're going to make pictures bigger , otherwise you only need low pixels, ive noticed that my note8s camera is quite good even though it's only 12 mp, whereas my note 4 had a 16mp camera .but i love my note 8 camera, but can't seem to get the live camera to work properly .

  11. You say a new fone can last about 4 years, but what about all the updates & when they stop doing them for them older phones , & when they stop doing security patches, would'nt it make them unsafe to still use ? My hubby has only just come up to an android as he had an old iphone, & found that he could'nt use certain apps as he could'nt update them because he had an older phone . PS , i really enjoy your videos, thanks for sharing.

  12. I HATE eveything I do not have. I have the Note 8 and LOVE it. I took an APPLE break for being a user for many many many years.

  13. I was thinking about buying iphone x if the screen was 6.3
    It was small for me. I have owned note 3….and now note 8..I think Samsung is way ahead of APPLE

  14. Had the s9 plus for one week totally rubbish no weight on the phone feels cheap I will stick with my iphone x that you know you paid money for plus the camera never needs tweaking just natural photos

  15. I disagree with u saying that u should get a s9 over the s9 the s9 has front speakers for the first time on a galaxy phone not to mention the camera is better on the s9 now if someone has a upgrade I would say get the note 9 cause it's always the best phone of Samsung and of all phones u get more features on the note phones then the galaxy s series