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What Is ASMR??? Take A Look Below 😀


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  1. Ahaha! I was waiting to see an asmr video from yourself because I knew you'd get it ? I literally haven't seen this phone before your video! Looks sleek!! Interesting they've brought back the glass back from the iPhone 4 days! IPhone users better not drop their phones now! My Sony compact z3 used to have the same issue but guess what, I moved to the Huawei P9 with an aluminium back, dropped it once and its got a huge dent in it!! The same happened to my android tablet! Yet my Sony z3 with the glass back didn't break or smash at all the whole time I had it ???

  2. I love your phone unboxing videos ???
    When you have setup your new IPhone would you please do a what's on my phone I would love to see it
    Thanks and great video BTW ???