Asus Zenfone 5Z Review: A True OnePlus 6 Competitor?

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Read the full post review: | The Asus Zenfone 5Z brings a high-end flagship experience for only $500. Is it the “flagship killer” killer? Find out in our full review.

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  1. I am using this for since release. Pretty fast and updates are consistent since the pie update. The audio is a letdown though. I still use my iphone for listening to music as the audio for this phone is bad.

  2. Asus have some great smartphones. I have used a Zenfone 3 before I switched to iOS (again). I still use my Asus for some features. Also I can’t go without Android and iOS so that’s why I switch between these 2 operating systems. Gives me a lot of freedom. They currently have the Zenfone Max Pro M2 with stock Android and the only difference with the 5Z is the SoC. SD660 instead of the 845. And it’s affordable too, around $279 or so. Great review.

  3. I own an Asus 5q, which is a bit older, but I'd have to say that it's a pretty nice device, even still. I've known about Asus, beforehand, because I've purchased a lot of Asus hardware for my desktop in the past, which I had been pretty satisfied about. When I found out they made phones, I wanted to give it a try. I love it.

  4. Was gonna get the oneplus 6t but read it didn't have a micro SD card expansion and no aux Jack. Sooo think I'm going to go with this instead
    Update 12/25: had the phone for about two weeks or so.. love it. The fastest phone I've ever own. I'll never buy a cheap Samsung ever again. POS Samsung slow down

  5. Please tell me urgently I want to buy one Complete smart phone
    Which 1 u Sujest POCOF1 or ASUS ZENFONE 5Z ANSWER ASAP

  6. was choosing between this Zenfone 5Z and Oneplus 6, ended buying the Asus because of SD-card support, dual speakers and ultra-wide lens. No regrets! This phone deserves more attentions.