Attack Of The iPhone 7 Plus Clones

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What is up with all the iPhone 7 Plus design copying in many new Android phones? My Take On Companies Stealing Apple’s Design.


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  1. Oppo is actually the best clone I’ve seen. They’re doing so much for their phones to look like the iPhone. They’re truly trying really hard at copying everything. I hope their software doesn’t come with an apple skin over it.

  2. in my school, the teachers would even treat you different if you are rich, or have an expensive phone/clothes. My dad came from the states with an iphone 7 plus and a lot of calvin klein clothes, i legit wore calvin klein for 2 weeks straight, and everyday different shirt, and everyone was like "youre sponsored by ck" or if not something like that, they would ask where i bought all of that.

  3. Well I never had a samsung seriously NEVER. I only had an lg and right now I have my iphone but i stick with it because well its a good phone samsung yeah its good to they both have its good features stolen ones and bad ones but that's how phones are they can be good and bad. I just like apple there should be an issue but samsung is good and so is apple.

  4. Well, as an Apple fan, I’m having a friend war because she have Oppo F3 and I have an iPad Air and my mum has an iPhone 7 Plus. She told me that it’s better becase it has better camera, and her brother’s iPhone SE’s camera suck. I am just very mad because how dare those people copy Apple and they aren’t even original. They don’t also have their own OS and the iPhone has their own and it’s called iOS.

    I also asked my cousins use their iPhones and they say “OPPO IS BETTER GET A LIFE”.

    It’s an attack in Asia, Android vs iOS.