Barton 22mm Watch Bands for Samsung Galaxy Watch, TicWatch Pro & More

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These Elite Silicone, canvas and leather bands from Barton are top notch on terms of quality and comfort. they are offered in various different lug sizes and can be used on a variety of watch and smart watches . These particular bands are for the Galaxy Watch, TicWatch Pro, Huawei Watch 2 classic, Moto 360 2nd gen and many more! Which are you favorites?

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  1. Great video! Subscribed!

    Do they have leather as well? Do all Barton bands on Amazon and such fit on the galaxy watch, or only the ones shown on this video?

  2. Barton is the best. You can see the thoughtful design in the way the inside of the straps is channeled to allow air underneath and prevent stickiness.

    That other seller that collected our emails for 40% off never came through, BTW.

  3. I bought several 20mm Barton elite silicone bands and one crimson red leather band for my rose gold Galaxy watch. They are all great quality and look great too. The elite silicone bands are the most comfortable that I have. To get rose gold buckles, I had to order from the Barton website. Now that I've seen your review, I think I'll order a canvas band too. ?

  4. I have the same white silicone one with the black buckle (and black inside). I absolutely love it. I may need to pick up another color after seeing this video…