Battery tips and tricks for Galaxy S8 and S8+

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We’ve compiled a number of tricks and tips that will improve the battery life on Samsung’s latest and greatest. Some of them are obvious, while some are a bit more sneaky.

Nobody expects you to stick with all of them, but you can test them out and decide what works for you. A good rule of thumb here is: If one of the techniques takes away features that you consider as essential, don’t bother using it.

1. Go dark! – 0:31

2. Adjust automatic brightness – 01:06

3. Power saving apps and services – 01:30

4. Power saving mode – 01:47

5. Game launcher – 01:57

6. Game tuner – 02:10

7. Settings: Display – 02:27

8. High resolution = high power consumption – 02:35

9. Edge screen – 03:11

10. LED indicator – 03:28

11. Fine tune screen timeout – 03:44

12. Keep screen turned off – 04:11

13. Settings: Advanced features – 04:30

14. Should “Smart Stay” stay? – 04:34

15. Get rid of these silly gestures! – 04:59

16. Lock screen and security – 05:17

17. Settings: Connections – NFC – 05:37

18. Nearby device scanning – 06:02

19. Get apps in line by setting proper location guidelines – 06:33

20. Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth scanning – 07:04

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  1. I set my S7 edge to "device only" for the location, but after a while I always find it has been toggled back to "high accuracy." How can this be prevented?

  2. If you are going to turn off all the features of the S8, then why buy it in the first place. You can just as well buy a 200 $/€ phone which will do the same as the S8 with all its features turned off.

  3. The battery life on my Samsung S8 compared with my previous S7 is a bit short. I think just because S8 have a better resolution display which just consume more power of course. Whatever the S8 is amazing device and i enjoy it too much…

  4. I dont see the battery being a problem in the new samsung S8 ,even though i play games like Gunship battle,watch videos ,play youtube and use messenger service. At whole day phone use my battery gets as low as 15 percent in FHD+ mode with brightness and multimedia volume decreased.Damsung did an excellent job witn S8