Before you Buy a OnePlus Nord…

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My review of the OnePlus Nord. The best valued all-round smartphone this year.

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  1. Does this shoot in RAW format ? If it does then camera quality is easy to fix if you want really nice photo.. just pick the pictures you like & process the RAWs to your liking.

  2. sounds like they left enough out of the camera to incentivise the high end 8Pro or the 9, but what kills is at the proice point you can have a really darn good phone, want best in class pics, well takes a bit more cash. I like the choice

  3. Dont really know how you did that awful shot, but i take great shots with the macro on the Nord.. it only likes 1 distance, wont focus in anyother, thats what kills it.. but it doesn come as bad as that lol

  4. Why does my recently bought OnePlus Nord's battery drain so fast? Does that mean it's problem with my phone particularly? I usually watch YouTube. I get maximum 5 hours time after full charge. My phone is just a week old.

  5. Isn’t the general opinion on YouTube that the Pixel 4a is the better option at this price point?
    I’ve watched 6 videos comparing the two and every single one has put the Pixel on top.