BEGINNER TIPS! HOW TO BECOME A BIG COOL. | Tokyo Ghoul Dark War – Android

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  1. what will hapent to players /i hope you anderstant/ when gam will not be ani longer popular ? and sry. for eng

  2. no reason to do cochlea if can’t get 3 star on the quest since sweep stops at 2 star, no need to rush 😀 & also I can possibly get young arima 4 star and working on purple gear for him!

  3. I have enough for a SSR but our server hasnt had a time limited draw in 7 days -_-

    And no my server is not new

    Ohhh lea if you want to join a discord. One of our members leaked all of kuzen owls abilities and moves. Like not just pics full videos.

  4. Dear LeaIsChill i lost my Account because i played as a guast und than i changed the Server so im soo sad can you please Help

  5. i just started playing this game about a week ago. i looked up gameplay to try and get a bit better. i found you vids and i enjoy them very much. keep of the great work man i mean it.

  6. This might be an unpopular opinion but Tatara ssr at 5 star is a very good support character. So it is worth to grind him

  7. Ive started playing and im at 37 now and im wondering is ssr's pay tovwin and ik tatara isnt but if u arnt in the top in the exspulsion its just give up.

  8. This game as awesome as it looks, i dont get the impression of it being f2p friendly as in, is it fairly easy to get the diamonds and a decent amount at that, Is it fast and easy to learn how to play and become strong.

  9. Is it worth restarting if i already did all the things i shouldnt have done lol like wasting diamonds and materials