Benchmark: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Octa vs Sony Xperia Z Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Octa

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Snapdragon 800 vs Exynos 5420 vs Exynos 5410 – – We are comparing the new Sony Xperia Z Ultra with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Octa and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Octa


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  1. As a long time Samsung user, including Note 1 and Note 2, I was scared about changing to Sony but I was not happy with the approach samsung took with Note 3 with the lame .18" display increase when other companies were jumping to 6" or higher. They played it too safe.
    Now that I got the Ultra, I cant see myself with anything else so Note 4 better be DAMN good for me to change

  2. i will tell you about sony not easy to sell and if you sell it it will give only 250$ and about the disply colors not normal to much white no bady ca see dark blue anly light blue not natural colors speakers is tooooo bad and no bady can block any number and no flash

  3. Trust me, get a sony xperia z ultra, i used a apple 5s, Samsung note 3, apple screen too small and expensive, Samsung is like a over priced plastic toy,

  4. I love the Sony phone!! It has a stunning display, fast processing and compared to every other phone, it's unique!! Everyone has pretty much the same phones, either an iphone or a Samsung. Then all they do is complain about them!! With a  Sony phone your not being a sheep and following everyone else, your being individual and getting much more for your money. Sony all the way!!!!

  5. Getting the note 3 is not worth it anymore. The fourth generation is coming but this yesteryear flagship is still overpriced. I recommend getting the xperia z ultra. The benchmark tells us that it is reasonably faster and now it is way cheaper in the unlock version. Forget the camera as your main reason of getting a phablet is the screen size anyway.

  6. Got the ultra yesterday and its awesome. came from a note 3 wich felt too small for my likings. ultra has a more premium feel and look and is less expensive. so ill be sticking to this for some time 😉

  7. I have note 3 octa and really amazing phone for gaming and every thing not like that stupid huge sony phone with only quad 2.2 ghz core

  8. yeah my samsung note 4 just started that rebooting issue i hate it thats why im never getting another samsung device ever i think i might go with sony xperia z ultra