Best $100 Budget Tablet 2017 – Insignia 10.1″ Flex Review

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With so many choices out there for Android and IOS tablets, picking the right one is important. Not all tablets are the same and some of these devices can be extremely expensive and it really comes down to preference. Do you need speed? Are you just using it for reading and web surfing? Will it be upgradable to the newest operating system the following year? These are questions we need to know before dropping down a payment on one of these.

So today we look at the 10.1″ INSIGNIA FLEX tablet by Best Buy on sale now as of the writing of this blog for only $79.99. But what do you get for this price point? Is it worth it? The answer to these questions again comes down to preference and what you will be using it for. After having this tablet for about a week now, I’m able to sit down and give you my honest opinion on the cons and pros. First off this is not for the hardcore gamer or for that matter any gamer. Most newer games that require intense graphics and memory will not run and if they even make it to the start screen, you’ll for sure get the “this app is not responding” message.

With that said, this tablet is good for the following types of people. Those looking to check email, browse the web, watch some youtube videos or movies, listen to some music and play certain games that DO NOT require tons of processing power. It’s also a great choice for children as my 2 year old son loves this thing. He plays Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and a few other learning games. Using it myself for the above mentioned tasks worked flawlessly, my gmail and notifications from other social media platforms came through flawlessly. I was able to watch a few videos and started watching a movie on Amazon Prime. Also read a Harry Potter book from the Kindle app.

There are a few bad reviews out there and mostly from people who wanted Samsung quality speed and performance from a tablet that is way out of that range. Also this takes a micro SD card up to 128GB, but the best part is that this tablet gives an option to format for this specific device only, meaning that it will boost the internal memory of the device automatically. (BE SURE TO USE CLASS 10 MICRO SD CARD) or you may receive errors later on. The box states 32GB on board storage, but out of the box you’ll only get 24GB. The camera is 2MP front and back, basically the equivalent to a 2005 flip phone. Speakers are ok for the price, but expect monotone sound. Screen is responsive and apps load fine, expect sluggish behavior at times depending on the type of app opening.

Key Specs:
Model: NS-P10A7100
Screen Size
10.1 inches
Operating System
Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Internet Connectivity
Processor Brand
Processor Model
Intel Atom x3
Screen Resolution
1280 x 800
Storage Capacity
32 gigabytes

My final thoughts on this product is YES, I feel the price point of $99.00 is a great deal for what you get if you’re using it for the basics. If you need speed, this is NOT the device for you. Again it will all come down to user preference, the same with IOS or Android. I hope this information helped make your buying decision a better one.

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  1. Is it good for beginners? For people who just want to sit home at night and fool around with it? It looks nice though. I'am definitely a beginner and just want games and Facebook. Lol. Thank you for the info.

  2. I had one about 5 months ago from best buy I charged it full then it wouldn't even turn on so took it back got another one omg same thing happen so took it back both tablets SUCK

  3. Dominick Reviews like this is exactly why i subscribe to your channel. It s a straight to it review on everything you do . I love the drone videos , I am a drone addict myself and will be posting a few videos here shortly. Keep up the good work

  4. I just bought one for $99 and I am pleasantly surprised on how great it is for YouTube, email,and the battery has been great.I have a hard time telling the difference between this and my iPad I spent almost a grand for..It's great to take anywhere and you can beat it up a bit and not worry that your going to be out $600 if it breaks..I'm really surprised how good the guallity is for a hundred bucks…Great for travel and perfect for kids..I'm sure there are a lot of people that just want to watch YouTube and send emails and this is perfect for that…

  5. I have this tablet and I have a Dj mixer app in it and it works fine no slowness I don't know what apps are slow for this tablet haven't experienced any issues I even watch movies on it

  6. what is the available RAM on the device? not the storage, but the ram.

    looking into getting this tablet as my proving to be a colossal flop of a purchase.

  7. does this tablet work well for music producing apps like caustic 3? I just got this tablet for Christmas (yes, my family and I opened gifts early this year XD) and I just want to know if this tablet is good for making music, great video by the way! 🙂

  8. Yes to Bluetooth. I had to exchange the 1st one, the 2nd isnt much better. Not good for multi tasking, very laggy and glitchy for games. Rca viking pro thats a good tablet.