Best 3 Ways to Fix No Signal on Samsung Note | Easily Solve Android No Service!

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Hello guys, here I show you the best 3 ways to fix no signal on Samsung Note Series phone. Whenever you have encountered this problem, you can’t make a call or text to the expected contacts.
Watch the full video and learn how you can easily solve android no service. Alongside, also take a note on the following steps and apply right now to see whether the problem will solve.

In the First Way, here you find how to fix it via restarting your Samsung Note series phone. See below the steps:

• Step One: Tap and hold the ‘Power Button’ and see the ‘Restart’ window appear at the screen
• Step Two: Tap on ‘Restart’ and wait for a couple of seconds to restart your device

In the Second Way, we have another trick for you that is ‘Choose your Mobile Network Manually’. See the Four Steps on how to fix Samsung no signal found for mobile networks

• First Step: Go to Settings
• Second Step: Tap ‘Connections’
• Third Step: Tap ‘Mobile Networks’
• Fourth Step: Tap ‘Network Operators’ and select your preferred network

Finally, we have another very easy and simple way that is to keep your Samsung Note in ‘Airplane Mode’. To do that follow the below steps

• Step 1: Swipe down and open the notification bar
• Step 2: Tap on ‘Airplane Mode’ to activate it
So that’s it for now.

Thanks for watching the video. I hope you like it, if so, Like Comment and share it with others. I’ve added reliable related video and article on the topic, you can check them out. And always stay with Apple Tricks. See you next time.

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