Best Accessories For Google Pixel 2 XL

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It’s either you’ve just gotten yourself the Google Pixel 2 or planning to get yourself one, this is my recommendations of the best accessories which goes along very well with the Google Pixel 2 and the Google Pixel 2 XL

Google Pixel 2 XL Review

Buy A Google Pixel 2 XL : (Lazada)

Get these accessories at the links below:-

Aukey USB C Charger:

Tronsmart USB C Power Bank:

Tronsmart USB C Car Charger:

Belkin Mix It USC C Cable:

SanDisk USB C 64gb OTG Dual Drive:

Rearth Ringke Fusion Hybrid Crystal Clear Case: *NOTE: CASE BECOMES YELLOWISH TINGE AFTER A WHILE*

My YouTube Gear 2017:

My Desk Setup 2016:

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  1. Hey
    Can you please tell if the Pa-y4 will rapid charge Pixel 2.
    In my country it is not easy to find imported brand products, i was able to locate pa-y4 around 4-500km far from me. But i want to buy it if it works with Pixel 2 rapid charging.

    Please comment about it.

  2. A Malaysians with a GP2XL & stunning quality video??????? OMG thanks for the video & recommendations Adam. It's so hard to find a compatible 3rd party accessories for it. You earned a new sub cheers 😀

  3. I like how you have done so much research and testing before recommending us these products! I know this because all the products are confirmed safe and compliant by Benson for USB-C standards. You also show us the products that haven't worked to save us some cash.

    I really am shocked how you have so few subscribers, I just discovered this channel and I am enjoying the videos. Thanks for keeping your videos entertaining and informative with great editing and shots!

  4. Hi there will like your opinions on the charger. I was at ksl and looking around for the similar type of charger and cable but after trying out to see if it does rapid charging, it doesn't. May I know if the current items you recommend does indeed provides the rapid charging function?

  5. I just purchased an olixar sentinel case & glass screen protector. The glass screen cover does not cover the entire glass. Do i have a wrong glass protector or is the protector gfoes on differently than a whole screen glass protector.

  6. Can you suggest the best headphones (wired or wireless) for pixel 2? I'm struggling with wired cause they need the adaptor and tried couple of wireless ones and they're shit.

  7. For headphones etc you need to make sure that they have a built in DAC. The ones you showed will work with usb c phones that have an internal DAC like the OG pixel but not the Pixel 2 sadly. Sweet video, i have the same case