Best Android Games – №46

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Android games in review №46:

Dead Earth: Sci-Fi FPS shooter – protect the civilians from battle robots destroying everything alive in its path. Get your powerful weapons and fight on the streets of huge cities.


Astronest: The Beginning – choose one of two sides in an endless conflict in vast space. Rule over colonies, create your space fleet, and fight enemies.


Stickman trials – help the bicyclist perform breathtaking tricks and beat various tracks full of different obstacles. Climb steep slopes and get to incredible speeds on long descents.


Adventure xpress – fight different enemies that stand in hero’s way. To do that match 3 or more same runes. In this Android game you help a brave courier deliver parcels and letters to the remotest places of the kingdom.


Action of mayday: Zombie world – FBI special agent Jerry needs to conduct undercover investigation of why did all the zombies flooded the world. Jerry goes on a dangerous adventure to different countries in this Android game.


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