Best Android Phone – Spring 2017!

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Alex breaks down the Android Central pick(s) for best Android smartphone in early 2017.

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  1. The battery life is a concern though without removable battery which I'm accustomed to at this point. 0-100 in a matter of seconds os unbeatable. But it sure is a looker of a phone and the camera is sweet. I just wish the battery life was better in the absence of my personal preference.

  2. It can't be the best android, pixel is always gonna win at the optimization for now. But it could have been the most gorgeous looking beast instead.

  3. i feel like i am cheatin on my lg g4 cause i am watching this vid on it and its like my phone knows i am gona break up with it and will go on with a new one …heartbroken </3 phone

  4. yes but can you open apps with one hand? can you muck about constantly going back and forth from screen to screen without actually doing anything? can you?

  5. S8 is overhyped and overrated. Sure, there are features the S8 I find artistically superior to the rest, like the curved screen and the interface. Still, overpriced. It's not worthy. The picture quality of the camera is not even close to the mid-range or even the lower range Sony or Canon digital camera. The video quality is just okay, not Sony or Canon like quality video quality. The sound quality and all are just okay. Do I have to remind you about the speed? Let's do the speed testing if you want. The idea that S8 is too superior to the rest just because we think that's a phone should be like is just a product of good marketing and propaganda. It's nothing but an illusion of superiority. It's too pricey for its crappy video and picture quality.