Best Camera – iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy S8 vs HTC U11!

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HTC U 11 was ranked best smartphone camera on some websites. But I dunno…is it better than the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8?!
One Plus 5 Camera vs iPhone 7 Plus & Samsung Galaxy S8! –

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  1. 1. Noise control: s8>>ip7>>u11
    s8 & ip7 have grate algorithms to reduce noises and enhance image quality in low light, s8's is the best. U11 is just not algorithm advanced enough. But…

    2. Image quality: u11>s8>=ip7
    U11 has got the best camera hardware. Its 10bit image sensor records much more accurate colour information. (Smartphone cameras are usually 8bit, higher bit means more accurate it can measure, like a ruler, 8bit's ruler has only got cm as the smallest unit, 10bit's has got mm which is able to measure finer/more accurate)

    3. After effects: u11>s8>=ip7
    Because u11 has got such a good camera sensor, it made after effects easier without losing much details.

  2. be honest.. are very weird the pictures you took of s8 in the night… It is hard to believe because I have that phone and looks amazing in the darkness.. better than you show us ..
    The best thing that s8 have is the light at darkness (better that the iphone).