Best Cases For The Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus?

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Clair collection:
Galaxy S9:
Galaxy S9 Plus:
Colette collection:
Galaxy S9:
Galaxy S9 Plus:

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Thank you guys all for watching!


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  1. Love the glittery cases! My purple S9 Plus definitely needs the silver and the purple glitter cases!

    Great job on describing and showing off the various cases! Are the shiny gold parts plastic or a thin metal? Niche cases are definitely needed! I don't know how many cases I have tossed or refused to buy because I know others with the same device and the same case.

  2. Jacklyn loved the video awesome Case's. Love the Art in the background Sweet. Also Like the new look. Awesome Video Thanks for sharing Deb. ?Congrats on Samsung Video?

  3. This was a great veer towards catering for the females of your audience. I like your presentation and active excitement as always in these videos. Keep it up…