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Samsung Galaxy S6 Gaming:

I have put lot of effort in making this type of video I hope you people will like it.
Samsung Galaxy S5 Gaming:
Note 10.1 2014 Gaming :

Iphone 5S Gaming:
Note 3 Frames Per Second Gaming Review :

Gaming Review 2 :

List of Games:

1. Gangstar Vegas

2. Battle Field: 5:41

3. Fifa 14 : 8:39

4. Iron Man 3: 11:30

5. Man of Steel : 14:02

6. Nova 3: 15:56

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How to connect a Ps3 Contoller With Android Phones:


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  1. Hi… Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I couldn't play Asphalt 8 in Note 3 in high graphics. Please help.. Options for "medium" and "higher" Display modes were disabled. Only "Very Low " and "Low" options are availiable…… please help..

  2. could u give us the download link for all the games u have?
    u know….(like not from google play store as most of them are paid apps)

  3. My dream smartphone= A phone that releases every year and has the latest tegra chip and has a slide out gamepad like the xperia play did but with REAL analog sliders not virtual

  4. am ready to wait man!!!
    i actually do not have a bank account and neither do my friends…..thats why i asked u to give me the download links
    thnx for the reply too
    and please upload NFS Most Wanted and Gangstar Rio: City of saints first!!!
    i will be pleased to wait

  5. there r paid links too…?
    come on man..ofcourse am talking about free links
    can u upload links for the games u brought/bought?
    (other than google play store of course)

  6. Good grief that Man of Steel game looks shyte.

    Look! You're in Smallville! It's a farm! Random alien dude shows up. Tries to hit you. Misses. You beat the shitting shitfucks out of him without any risk or danger. After knocking him through some scenery – doing far, far more damage to the scenery than to the enemy, he jumps back – unscathed, ready to miss and let you beat the shittery shitsticks out of him yet again!


  7. Ive been playing GTA Vice City on the Note 2. The app store says it isnt compatible but it is. I downloaded it from an outside source. As far as San Andreas not sure. I get the Note 3 in a few weeks so Ill try San Andreas then.