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Samsung Galaxy S6 Gaming:

Note 4 Gaming:

Samsung Galaxy S5 Gaming:

Gaming Review 1:

Note 10.1 2014 Gaming :

List of Games Shown in this video:

1. Real Racing 3

2. Dungeon Hunter 4 3:26

3. GTA Vice City 7:28

4. Real Football 2013 13:32

5. The Dark Knight Rises 18:08

6. Modern Combat 4 22:22

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How to connect a Ps3 Contoller With Android Phones:


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  1. I have a question, do racing games (like the first he played) that he moves the phone left and right to steer, can be done by pushing on the screen instead of tilting the phone (throw options or something)?

  2. How this monster snapdragon 800 with 3GB RAM, has LAG? 11:50 at 13:23
    My iPhone 5 dual core 1.3hgz 1GB RAM, has no lag at all! Face the true! See iPhone 5 gaming vice city!
    Android, you need to improve your updates and optimazed apps and games! 😉

  3. nice wasn't aware phones had this capability, still not a gaming device though your hands cover up the screen and graphically the game is between PS2 and 2010.That said I will definitely include mobile builds of my game because it would get some decent sales with hardware out there this good. I just don't fancy thumbs being over top of the screen.

  4. I have the galaxy note 3 exynos variant. It heats up very fast. After playing of 5 mins of normal games like clash of clans it becomes very hot near the camera and becomes unbearable to hold. Does your note 3 also heats like mine?

  5. gta vice city runs as intented. even with the note 3. the note 3 is still powerful in 2016. you don't know very much about porting and fps do you?

  6. i like how he sead best graphics games and added in vice shitty witch looks like crap compared to all the other games but great looking phone i get it on the 14th cant wate