Best mobile game I’ve ever played… (Dungeon Hunter Champions)

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  1. I love your videos but this video is weird it doesn’t seem like you it’s like they are telling you what to do and to be honest it just made me uncomfortable ? but I still watched cuz your one of the best you tubers for me

  2. I have a problem… it’s just a rip off of the mmorpg arcane legends xD I’m not hating or anything though still love all yer vids 😀

  3. Question, Do you have a normal time that you stream on? If so what is that schedule if you don't mind me asking?

  4. I downloaded it from the description just for you as long as you get the money, hey maybe I'll like it.

  5. i just started it. and basically, if you click on the ad image when you are on the main page, there is something on the left called um mystery crate, you click it and watch an ad for a mystery prize, it can be 150 gems or even 150k gold, good heroes or other things like energy 🙂