Best New Features in iOS 11.2!

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Find out the NEW CHANGES in the latest iOS 11.2 update from Apple!

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Apple has released the iOS 11.2 update a bit earlier than expected. It’s not a massive update, but it is significant and has several notable changes. The best new feature is Apple Pay Cash, which allows you to send money to friends right through iMessage, using your Apple Pay account. The other person is required to also have 11.2 with Apple Pay Cash set up, and also must have two factor authentication enabled. Other new features in 11.2 include changes to the control center, a sports tab in the TV app, and fast wireless charging.




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  1. To be honest with you, I HATE sports ????☠

    (By the way I have a Samsung galaxy tab e, iPhone 5c (no service) and iPod touch 5th gen.)

    (This comment was written on my android tablet)

  2. Since this update, something is chewing through my battery life, and also for some reason Siri has becomes non responsive. Won't even allow me to set up Siri?  I kind of use that to turn on my home lighting.  sigh!

  3. Hi I was wondering if you have noticed any strange behavior from your IPhone. I have been watching my phone after the latest update and noticed that it looses about 10% power after i shut it off. I do this every day and the next morning I see that I’m 10% lower in power. Any thoughts on why this happening?