BEST Note 3 tips and tricks (Some Hidden)

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Here is a great video to show the main tips and tricks of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. some known, some not as known.
Full Note 3 tutorial Video here:

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  1. Hi I was wondering if you would be willing to help me figure out why, when l save a video to the scrapbook from YouTube, it will not play from within the scrapbook. Is there something I should do in settings to enable this feature?

  2. I have the Note 3, recently noticed lots of my pictures have disappeared from the gallery… have you heard of this? is there a way to recover the pictures or are they gone forever? Thanks

  3. I changed from my iPhone to the note 3 couple of weeks ago to try android must say I was impressed couldn't go back to an up phone or a smaller screen

  4. I have an AT&T note 3 and want to change the call screen, contacts, etc to black with white lettering… My phone came opposite of that meaning it is white with black lettering…. Is there a way to change it?

  5. hey jimmy i just got a note 3 last week and i love it however i know its already a year and a half old. it is running android 4.4.4 right now . i bought it on contract for 1 cent yes 1 cent it was a deal staples was running. i wanted the note 4 but could not afford it. it was 300 on contract. i also had a htc one m7 before this i traded it in and got 50 dollars on a gift card for it. my questiion is did i do the right thing. is it still a good phone. i will have it till my next upgrade in two years. helkp i am having second thoughts and only have another week to return it.  

  6. it was nice watching a video that the announcer spoke clearly and as if we where in the same room as he was,,,, , do hope you come up with a video for the new update the note 3 has had   

  7. Hi guys. . I'm trying the tip where when you watch a video you can control the volume and brightness and also lock the phone during a video but it's not working. When I press the power key during a video it just goes to black and stops playing. . Am I doing something wrong? Please help

  8. Please help! I have note 3 phone. I used to have the clipboard option in my keyboard settings but now it's actually gone. How can I get it back??? thank you

  9. I am very please with your video I need it lost of help with knowing how to use my samsung note 3 your viedo help me. Iam very thankful for your experience. thanks! hope find more of your viedos on the samsung note 3 . my next Gold is pictures I have so many I need to put them togetther in one folder or an album.

  10. About getting everything back the way it was brand new home screens and stuff. Right when I hit clear it then says all files and data will be deleted. Will that wipe out my hole phone pics and everything I have on my phone

  11. I did not understand why you suddenly switched to S4 and began talk about it? You can emphasize any other problem in different video as well -_-

  12. I would like to saay that Ive the the not 3 and still have it I just love it and I wanted to know if Samsung will be comming out with a note 8 for that failed or something very close to the note thank you I just love you shows thank you

  13. I really enjoyed the video, though it was a bit fast for someone just starting out. Thank god for replay. I so love the can
    Calendar on the note 3. How do I find out what software it is and can I get it in the play store?