Black Magnetic Metal Case For Samsung Galaxy S9 , S9 PLUS , S8 , S8 PLUS

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AWESOME PROTECTION MAGNETIC METAL GLASS SLIM SHOCKPROOF CASE FOR For Samsung Galaxy S9 , S9 PLUS , S8 , S8 PLUS .Black Magnetic Metal Case For Samsung Galaxy S9 , S9 PLUS, Magetic Magneto best Metal case RED , BLUE , BLACK , SILVER , PURPLE case for Samsung Galaxy S9 , S9 PLUS , S8 , S8 PLUS Material: High Quality Metal bumper front without glass + 9H Tempered Glass transparent back with metal frame (all sides cover)


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  2. And the magnetic dont mess with device???????And back cover dont have ID and camera split to avoid acidental camera fingerprints.But i dont give you an deslike because i respect anyone that make an review(except the jerks review).

  3. Ok how does it affect the signals (mobile, wifi, bt etc)? How does it go with wireless dock charging? Is there anything that can help with protection for the front screen?

  4. I just want to know if this is the same case i saw on a ad online. The ad had tempered glass on the front and back of the phone