BlackBerry KEY2 review

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ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the BlackBerry KEY2’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video.
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  1. When i was thinking to buy keyone, I watched almost all reviews out there and hardly anyone of them talked about real life performance. A few of them did but it was not what I experienced. I have blackberry keyone black edition because I love keypads along with moto z play which has alsmot similar configuration to keyone but 1 gig lesser ram. Keyone gasps for breath with a liltle heavy usage. I have around 45-50 apps installed on keyone and around 195 on moto. If I want to mutitask on keyone, I should be ready to face lags and ram management is very poor (in my experience it became poor with updates). If my phone sports a 4gig ram it should not reload a webpage on chrome if have minimised it to reply on whatsapp and mail on Hub. When I compared this performance with my moto, it outperformed it like an AMG would do a prius.

    I wish to buy key2 but i think that forced encryption by Google and another layer of encryption by blackberry will make any device slow.

  2. BB is the Best…! Sempre posseduto BB mai delusioni . Ora sono possessore del Priv che mi soddisfa in pieno , ma il prossimo sarà il Key2 aspetto solo qualche mese così il prezzo scende. La funzionalità e la resistenza di questi prodotti è davvero una nota importante rispetto alle altre Brand che sono più conosciute ma non egualiano il BB.

  3. Can you tell me how the hub integration is? I'm BB Z30 user now I'm using Samsung note 5 and I installed hub in it and I'm completely not satisfied. Whether it will be same in BlackBerry android phones also or not. Please tell me as I'm planning to buy a BlackBerry android phone.

  4. yeah many phones are better than key2 at the price of 650, but all of them has no keyboard and all are almost the same. I trust blackberry more than chinnese phone manufacturers. btw I used iphones and galaxys before as well so im not a blackberry solid fan. I would like to try that physical keyboard!

  5. Wow I can’t say it enough this guy really knows how to review a device with common sense. He’ll never get a job working for government that’s for sure. Too smart.

  6. Forget about everything else, I am really impressed with Ricky's photography skills. Those portrait shot look absolutely amazing. And that too with a "not so good phone camera".

  7. So the camera is not better than the keyone? Guess ill just buy a keyone black edition then. No stereo speakers, camera is not substantially better. Why should I pay 200$ more when I can just get a phone that will get me by

  8. Stupid form factor. The cuurent generation is all about being socially active and this phone is so not meant for that. If u have money to afford a backup phone then do buy this one.

  9. "It has a nice textured back. We wonder why not more manufacturers are doing this…"
    Because phone reviewers have treated plastic backs like a disease and oohed and aahed over aluminum and glass, despite them having ZERO advantages over plastic. This translated to customers demanding aluminum and glass, despite using cases all the time because aluminum and glass are slippery and fragile. This lead to phone makers dropping plastic, despite it being cheaper, more durable, more flexible.

  10. As for the price, I agree it should be cheaper. However this being Aimed at business users who can and are willing to pay the premium for what is essentially boosted productivity, the price isn't as high as some might imagine.

  11. I'm actually quite the fan of Blackberry's since the Priv, I used them back in the day as well, had a Blackberry 6750 and a Bold 9000, then went to Apple, then 3 years ago decided I'm done with Apple on both Macs and everything else then switched to Android.
    got a Priv 2 years ago, and recently got my self a used Keyone Black Edition, since I can't afford to drop that kinda money new phones cost now….
    Only paid $150 Canadian so $113 US at this time…. So I got an amazing deal! almost mint condition owned by some hipster who I guess didn't care about money because he could of got allot more for it!
    I'm happy!

  12. Blackberry Key 2: Any Phone maker in 2018 that doesn't make their phones to work on any carrier is just stupid. I wanted this phone but I don't live in a Metropolitan area, I need to be on the Verizon Network to get reception. I wish you could use this phone on that network but you can not.
    Yes I contacted Blackberry to check and they confirmed it will not work on Verizon. I am actually on US Mobile on their Super LTE plan but it uses the Verizon Network so any phone I get must be able to use the Verizon Network.