Bluetooth 5.0 Demonstration! Samsung Galaxy S8

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  1. Hey J, I have found a couple things that I cannot figure out on the s8 could you try and help me. First it doesn't allow you to save hot key texts and second under photos it will not allow you to create albums and separate the images into them instead it just has the dates I took them on. Thank you!

  2. I think I found the way to syn two speakers. just connect 2 Bluetooth speakers as usual, once the sound delay was occur, just select using mobile phone speaker to output sound by pull down menu : Samsung connect : Audio output, then switch back to Bluetooth speakers to output sound, then it is syn.

    if you are using two same speaker, like beoplay p2 ×2, it make more stable when you do the trick I just say. if it is two diff speaker, diff band / size / Bluetooth vet…etc, you may do the trick serious time. I did try many time for testing, the worst case is some of those should re-syn it with each track。

  3. Ive heard that you can send two diferent signals to individual devices as well so you could be watching a youtube video and they could be jaming to the music library without hearing each others media as interference

  4. It's actually due to the latency of the bluetoth speaker ( the time between the moment when the source transmit the signal and the moment when the amplifier of the speaker transmit it to it's transductors. This latency is diffenrent for each type of speakers and depend on the hardware and software process used tho build the speaker. Audio specialists mesured that you can watch a movie getting the sound from a bluetooth speaker without noticing any interval between sound and image when the latency of the speaker is under 150 miliseconds. And you can listen to music trought 2 speakers without noticing any interval when the difference between the two speakers' latency's is less than 50 miliseconds
    Example :
    speaker 1 latency => 200 miliseconds
    Speaker 2 latency => 250 miliseconds
    It's Ok
    But if
    Speaker 1 latency => 200 miliseconds
    Speaker 2 latency => 300 miliseconds
    It' NOT ok

  5. is is the sound quality a lot worse when connected to 2 speakers, ive seen people say the quality drops from playing to 1 speaker then 2

  6. Hi mate, just letting you know your video is giving incorrect info. Bluetooth 5 isn't enabled yet on Samsung S8. You are connected on Bluetooth 4.2 in your video.

    Bluetooth 5 chip is in S8 but won't be enabled until Android O is released.