Breaking Strangers iPhone & Giving Them iPhone 11 (Part 2)

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Legit Tim Breaks Strangers iPhone & Gives Them A Brand New Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Unboxing! He gives them a new iphone 11 for free! What’s good Legit Nation! Thanks for watching and supporting the channel! I Legit Vlogs am a 21 year old guy living in Los Angeles, California working harder each day to make my dreams become a reality as a latino influencer. With The Lord and my family and friends by my side, nothing will be able to stop us. Let’s get it Legit Nation!




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  1. I don't want to be mean or anything, but if a stranger breaks my iPhone I would be very sad because I don't have enough storage space and I can't do backups! So if I get an IPhone 11 it won't do me that much because I literally lost EVERYTHING!Soo…that’s MY Opinion… 🙁

  2. I like iphone xr but I dont have money for get this 😕. Im from sri lanka. Can you give white color one for me. I like it very much. Plzzzzz. I can give you my address. Plzzz brother. 142/A/7,Hewagampitiya Estate,kadawala,katana

  3. What if they have work then all of the important things or information or documents are on the phone but you break their memories, important accounts, family pictures

  4. I think this is not right bro its information or memory stuff that in the phone is can't not received if they didn't remember email address or password when you just destroy them phones.

  5. I'd be pretty mad if you would break my phone and give me a new one
    because i grinded all my games to become a pro but dont have a account to Protect it
    so all my effort would be gone if you would break it xD

  6. You are hilarious and those people are saints I would have had a meltdown then come at you like fighter jet. Probably why I'll never be the receipient of a brand new iPhone ever 🤣Loved it thou