Bringing BACK The iPhone Headphone Jack – in China

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I love my iPhone, but it doesn’t have a headphone jack! So I decided to add my own. For real.
How I made an iPhone in China video:
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4 months, 7 custom circuit boards designs, 3 disassembled iPhones later, it works. It’s the first modern iPhone with a headphone jack – the only one like it in the world.

More details here (and answers to all your questions):
For diehard Strange Parts fans, go here to find out more about how to get a limited edition headphone jack circuit board:
The design is completely open source! Go here to find out more:

I NEED YOUR HELP! Tell me what you’d like to see me do next in the comments! I’m really looking forward to exploring the back alleys of the industrial world outside of just cell phones and China. And if you think you have a really awesome idea, please email In particular, if you live somewhere cool (particularly India or Africa), I want to hear about the industrial world(markets/factories/mines/etc) where you live. And if you’re an engineer in manufacturing, hit me up with that cool factory story you’ve been dying to have someone tell. Thanks guys!

My Gear:
I shot it on this camera:
And also with this:
And recorded sound on this:

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Thank you to everyone that helped! Please go check them out – they’re all doing cool stuff.

Galen – Assistant editor and all around right hand man
Junshu – cameraman and filmmaker extraordinaire
Colin Shipp – Advisor/Youtube Consultant (
Lewis – Translations wizard
Nick Starno ( – CNC master
Loic De Buck – The keeper of the logic analyzer
Ian Lesnet ( – Supplier of antique drill presses, scavenged monitors, sage advice, and other curiosities
Greg Needel and David Yanoshak – REV Robotics ( – bringers of the wisdom
Hans (hmichl) – Electronics insight
Paul Campbell ( – Electronics insight and lore
Julong Tool Brothers – The best tool booth in tool alley!
Endy – chip brokerh (WeChat: YCJ13691959788)
Lisa – Flexible PCB supplier (


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  1. Awesome and interesting videos! Question: Can you replace the lcd screen of an iphone into a super amoled screen? Please make a video if it is possible :)). TIA

  2. 애플은 여러 핑개로 잭은 뺀게 최선이라 했는데 정말 애플 뒤통수 한대 땨리는 영상이네요.영상을 보는 순간에도 많이 긴장돼고 응원도 했어요 앞으로도 힘내세요 ~~~~~ 파이팅

  3. or just buy a fucking android that does not rip out the head phone jack just to fuck with users and make them more dependant on apple for designed obsolecance breakage cables…
    Headphone cables break like all the fucking time… apple saw that and just started druling for that money.

    Apple are the worst kind of corporate scumbags!

  4. Now this might sound a bit irrelevant and skeptical, but i m still gonna try and convey my thoughts. I was struggling to get myself back on the track of hardwork and determination, but i couldn't do it the way i did it the last time by watching motivational videos and listening audiobooks. I think what was missing was the outlook and the belief that i can do it even though i m an ordinary guy at this time. Seeing this video, i didn't only get the much needed knowledge about various things, but i also got my lost path which i knew was right and was leading me to something greater! I thank you so much for this video. You made me believe that even though i m insignificant at the time, i can make it to the top if i just don't give up!

    Also i wanted to ask what degree did u master in to achieve this feat. I m highly interested in learning about the components u used during this video. Currently i m pursuing my diploma in electronics and telecommunications and I'll be opting for engineering in near future. So will i get the knowledge about these components or should i go for a different branch in engineering. Please help me out and i just want to let you know that i can't thank you enough for what you did for me, even if its in indirect way, it is massive! I hope your channel grows to be the biggest channel of YouTube!

    -your biggest fan!