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Want to build yourself a website? Weebly is an easy way anyone can make it a reality.

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  1. I upgraded to premiun on weebly so I could change backgrounds under Design, Change fonts. I thought there is a button , than gallery under the change theme, change fonts and none of the themes I choose have that feature???

  2. I'm glad to be listening to this. I think people are underestimating this site. I start my blog next week which is why I am watching this. I will also put up a store on the site in the future.

  3. Hi Sir, 
    Do you know how to add Square payment method to a Weebly site? Stripe does not support tobacco sales, is a ripoff and PayPal just doesn't seem professional enough. I have already attained the code from Square to paste to my site but have no clue where to paste it so that it becomes available when my customers are ready to pay. Thank you very much. 

  4. Mr Cox — i need your help good sir — I am not sure how to TURN Off the SNAP as I am adding content to my page. Do you know what I am referring to??

  5. I can't create a different site on my iPod. can someone please tell me how!? I made a different site and it work let me create a new one

  6. I see on another tutorial. that instead of a space box, you have columns, which I can see would make life a little easier. How come the version I am using doesn't have that option? Many thanks.

  7. question? i have a swimming pool business ? would a pro account be sufficent enough? to get me going? what do you get with a pro account compared to a business account?