Bypass Passcode Full Access To Photo Gallery (fixed in iOS 7.0.2)

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If this theory were true, would be significantly reduced the quantity of iPhones that are inaccessible to the FBI.


How to Camouflage Folders without jailbreak
to permanently hide apps ..or just customize:

➡️ ⬅️
If you hide apps by this way ⬆️ everything stays where you left off when turn off your iPhone.

You can keep your apps permanently hidden in invisible folders; when reboot, everything remains so (with the old trick the apps reappear after restarting).
The downside is that you can not do it with any wallpaper, only works with grey background.

New iOS 9 Trick Nested Folders Glitch:

Hacking Your WhatsApp is easy, and Siri betrays you:

Embarrassing iOS 8 patch:

New Trick iOS 8.2 Put MANY Folders Into One – Nested Folders (With Reduce Motion)

How to Hide any App in iOS 8 Easily !

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  4. @03DigitelTECHNO1 I don't who's the fool you're replying to but your right about face time. Plus, from a marketing stand point, Apple called face time touting their phone was the first to do it. Japan had Video chat on their phones way back in 2002 and before the iPhone 4 was released, it wasn't the first smartphone to have a front facing camera and video chat.

  5. Not sure where the digital versus analog argument is coming from. I also don't know how anyone would know how much I know about either. I agree that the mp3 format (along with new types of music) is what changed the music industry (along with P2P applications). I simply disagree that mp3 players from Apple specifically are what changed the game (since there were tons of different types of mp3 players out there before the iPod).

    I'm not sure what any of this has to do with my original comment.

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  8. @SteepPeacemaker Impossible? So if Android had 45% and BlackBerry had 15.1%, 45% wouldn't be more than 39.9?

    I guess you didn't read my responses prior, but the topic was the GLOBAL market for MUSIC. Everyone knows that we get everything 5 to 10 years late here in the USA as far as gadgets go (whether we import them or recreate them with a different marketing strategy), so what point are you trying to make exactly?

    My original comment was about the obvious flaw in the brand new OS. Read it.

  9. Okay, but pay attention to the context. The person that I replied to was talking about the music & phone industry and my argument was that they "didn't change anything" in the music industry. My second argument was that, despite their success, they didn't really CHANGE anything since the technology was already in use around the world.

    As far as the me talking about "both" Android & BB having more market share, I meant combined (and I meant globally).

    All in all, the OS was my original focus.

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  11. Guys, if you want to make your iPhone, or any device, block any sort of interaction that can be made through the lockscreen (apart from typing in the passcode, obviously). What I mean is disable Control Centre, Siri and Notifications. This prevents people from doing any sort of glitch that bypasses the passcode making your phone very secure.