Camera battle: OnePlus 5 vs. Galaxy S8 vs. iPhone 7 Plus

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How about a CAMERA BATTLE? Is the S8 still king of the phone cameras? Or does the Oneplus have what it takes to outshoot it? And is the aging iPhone flagship still up to snuff? Let’s find out!

Read our full comparison between the phones over at

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  1. you all support iphone doesnt matter how bullshit that phone is just one feature is enough for you people to overlook all the better thing. Believe me apart form portrait iphone is full of shit just go for s8.

  2. Dude wtf oneplus 5 and Iphone 7 plus have dual camera and samsung galaxy S8 has only one lens just because she likes S8 she is telling that it beats the other two phones when you see other camera test videos in youtube oneplus 5 has one.Stop doing some bullshit videos and the portrait mode in oneplus 5 has wider shot and sharper when you zoom in.Stop making stupid videos you dumbfuck

  3. In picture The Winner is Samsung S8 anf the video is the winner is iphone 7 plus which is both of them that makes me thing better what will i buy and the one plus 5 is pretty good

  4. Thanks NG, 4r d video.It really gave us a lot closer and abundance exposer 2ur beautiful face……………Who knows, we might be able to enjoy u in our phones as a beautiful virtual assistant that might be created by a programmer who has a crush on u.

  5. Looks like they all have good enough cameras for 99 percent of the time. Why spend almost double for the s8 or iPhone? OP5 may not have the best camera but it's easily the best value.