Camera Comparison: iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 & Note 7

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Lisa Gade compares photos and video taken with the iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus vs. the Samsung Galaxy S7 family (S7, S7 edge and Note 7). Thanks to Dashlane, our sponsor for this video! Download Dashlane for free at and for 10% Off your Premium upgrade, use the code mobiletechreview !

Both the iPhone 7 family and Galaxy S7 family have perhaps the best rear cameras you’ll find in a smartphone today. Their specs are similar too: 12MP, an f/1.7 lens for the Samsung, f/1.8 for Apple, 4K video recording, slow motion, panorama and large pixel sites. Of course, the iPhone 7 Plus has a dual camera that sets it apart from Apple and Samsung’s other phones. Who’s the best? Watch our video!

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  1. I own s7 edge but i would not like to comment things like "samsung is the best or s7 beats the shit out of iphone" because it doesn't i love s7 camera but that does not mean i have to hate iphone 7 camera. I would say iphone7/7plus have really made the argument a whole lot interesting. I really like the natural photos iphone takes and i feel video recording is better on iphone as well,samsung definitely takes the cake when it comes to extreme dark conditions though.

  2. i like you. i like the way you talk. you remind me of a cool teacher or a narrator on the educational videos we got to watch in elementary school. i subscribed because of how you talk

  3. wow you are comparing a zoomed photo to a non zoomed photo and you say you can only read the text from one???? Do you even know what you're doing or how to collect a non biased sample? just think on it.

  4. I'm a Samsung fan, and currently own an S7edge, but I like them equally. It's too much of a toss up to pick a definite winner, because of their strengths and weaknesses. I would rate both of them at a 7.5/10.

  5. These pictures are exactly the same?

    The camera is set at a different angle in each of the pictures. In this case, the camera sets other parameters.

    Images can not compare!!

  6. Regarding your comparison:
    WHY did you NOT see the retarded punched up CONTRAST on the S7-daylight picture? The iPhone did amazing here. ALSO…on the first picture the iPhone messed up over half the scene. ALSO. your remark about the picture taken with flash…the S7-series phones come with a PURE WHITE LED. This creates perfect white balance. The iPhone is known to be a huge failure when using the flash. It ALWAYS produces warm-images when the flash is used. This is a COMMON issue with the iPhone 7-series. ALSO, the iPhone can NOT use it's telephoto lens when it gets dark.

    Excuse me? On the Galaxy S7-series you do not need to switch modes! Just bring your phone close to the object and snap the picture….Just stay about 10cm away from the object and it'll stay pin-sharp. I do understand that you are using the S7 as an iPhone but come on…The S7 is known for how stupid simple the camera is. Just point and shoot and it'll always turn sharp and good looking.

    The already known issue with the S7-series over-exposing during daylight with too much contrast AND low-light being perfect ONLY when using Auto-HDR (if you force HDR it will look worse) ARE FIXED. Samsung first fixed the few shortcomings of the S7 with the GALAXY NOTE 7. The note 7 hence also has TONS AND TONS more dynamic range. It does NOT overexpose AND does NOT underexpose. It also is COLOR ACCURATE.

    SAMSUNG went BAD with the Note 7 fiasco so….they UPDATED THE GALAXY S7-SERIES with the Note 7 CAMERA FIRMWARE. The current Galaxy S7-series thus perform DAY AND NIGHT better than what you have shown us.

    I do want to send in structured criticism in order to help you improve the content in a camera comparison for future reference, but I have already seen other's tell you about it.

  7. You, are super biased with Apple product especially in this video. Did they pay you extra for this ? Most of what you said are completely incorrect. I'm afraid you have no idea what to see or say when photos are being compared. If you need, drop me your email, i will personally send you a couple of dummy guides to read histograms coz apparently you cant see it even if its in front of you.

  8. I'm a little concerned that the video from the iphone was soft-edged and more importantly, toward the end of the video, there were two subtle light shifts. It was as though the iphone was adjusting to backlighting in the shot.

    Pausing both videos showed a slightly more soft look for the iphone.

    I use both android (home) and iphone (work) so no bias here… just curious to why the iphone seemed a bit lacking compared to the samsung.