Camera Test: Huawei P40 Pro vs Samsung S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro

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Putting the cameras of the Huawei P40 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max to the test.


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  1. It's gonna be very interesting if you do a caméra test betweem the oppo find X2 pro and the Huawei P40 pro. Because if the Huawei and the Oppo are better than the samsung and the apple, it's very nice to see how is the best between the Oppo and the Huawei

  2. Please do some more video samples. Most people use these devices as their main video cameras. Also pictures of humans and faces. Let's see how that compares. Samsung has been struggling with faces.

  3. 请教一下,虽然华为的传感器感光能力比较强,但是我不太明白,它是怎么做到在“漆黑”的房间中,拍出光亮的呢?难道全靠手机屏幕的光?还是说它能捕捉到肉眼不可见的光,类似红外线传感器?

  4. wow huawei is really amazing in a low light , if no issue with google thing i would have spend all my money with huawei . im really angry with donald trump .

  5. I used P30 pro and it sucked (the software), P30 pro still has google but damn it was bad. Now I'm using s20 ultra. DAMN ALL ROUND GREAT, GREAT UI, GREAT CAMERA, IT'S STABLE AND RELIABLE.