Can Condom Filled with Water Protect iPhone 6 from 100 FT Drop? – GizmoSlip

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This week we set out to discover whether or not a Magnum XL condom filled with water could protect an iPhone 6 from a 100 FT drop. I figured out what you shouldn’t do if you don’t want to pop a condom and also discovered how much water a condom can actually hold.

Thanks so much for watching! I can still remember when I so few subscribers, and it is humbling how many people are watching the channel these days.

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  1. To be honest people that do this are stupid because neither Insurance are going to go up to the roof because they want to see if it will protect your iPhone could you imagine how much money he could save i mean if think about how much money he is spending buying new phones to break he spends more than he makes if count how munch he is spending in a year of buying new phones to break he probably count how much he spends in a year he probably is blowing though his youtube money just for and for money but the problem is he's not actually making much if you count the years of breaking phones