Casio G’zOne Rock, Motorola Barrage and Samsung Convoy: Side by Side

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Phone Arena compares three of the latest push-to-talk devices available through Verizon Wireless. They are the Casio G’zOne Rock, Motorola Barrage and Samsung Convoy. All phones are tough and certified to military specs and can withstand the harshest conditions. The first two are water resistant as well.

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  1. buddy on the barrage there are 4 speakers in the phone, 2 water proof ones and 2 that are inside the phone that cant get wet. when the two outside speakers sence water they shut off and the other speakers engage.

    the casio is junk ive heard about so many problems about them and the convoy psh. the baragge is the way to go

  2. Do not buy the convoy its supposed to be a rugged phone but my dads broke within the first week (front screen cracked) go with the Casio Rock or boulder, they are way more durable.

  3. this guys a moron cheap construction ya ok then explain 2 me how my cuz has the motorla barage an has thrown it from a vehicle going 65mph in2 trafic comin on bhind him the phone got ran over he stoped picked it up 2 hours later an made a phone call with full signal ya moron get ur facts

  4. It's encouraging that watchers recognized the mispronunciation of barrage. It drove me nuts too. That said, it was a good, and seemingly objective rating video on the phones. I came away knowing that the Casio would be my next phone. I pray that it has more reliable phone use than my friggin' Palm Treo, that drops calls, fades out on both ends, etc. But, that's another rating story.
    Seriously dude, use the video, and dub in new voice-over with the correct pronunciation. Good job overall.

  5. ok i got a question for u i have the barrage and my lights on the outside for the media buttons just stopped working do u know y??? thanks

  6. I have the barrage, It is slow at most times when dialing out and the battery sucks. I have to charge it every night i get home. I dont even use it that much. Maybe 30-40 mins of talk time and about 30-40 text per day. *sighs*

  7. Are you goddamn kidding me, not being able to pronounce "Barrage"? PhoneArena has officially been removed from sites I will ever check while looking at phones…

  8. I agree with CSUSam. Not being able to correctly pronounce the name of the Motorola "Barrage" utterly destroys the credibility of the review. I suppose the reviewer assumed that since "GARAGE" is spelled with only one "r", then the "Barrage" must obviously be pronounced with an emphasis on "RAGE".

    He devalues the raised keys on the Barrage and pumps up the raised keys on the Rock. WTF?

    He should have also mentioned that the battery life on the Barrage is much greater than that of the Rock.

  9. This world is so sick. Why can't a person view a youtube video without seeing tons of people bash the video or the reviewer? Everybody's so full of crap it's unbelieveable. Just shut up and click another link instead of bashing the video!

  10. My tire went out on my car, we were using the G'zone rock for a light, had it under the car. unfortunately the jack we were using (that came with the car) broke under the weight of the car. The car came down on top of the phone and we had to lift the car to get it off. The only damage to the Rock was the screen cracked. everything worked perfectly afterwards.

  11. I had a convoy, worked great for two years even after multiple drops, people stepping on it and one day I opened the battery cover and it was FILLED WITH DUST. Though the push to talk button got stuck, the phone lasted so long and so hard I think I might just get a convoy 2!

  12. I have the Barrage and Rock. The reception is very good in remote areas with the Barrage, poor with the Rock, battery life with both is fair, and the battery on the Barrage has been replaced several times. The Rock lighter and more durable to impact and more waterproof than the Barrage, but the charger connection to the Rock is horrible and delicate. The sound quality is better with the Barrage.

  13. Why on earth should anyone feel the need to respond to this review with insults, obscenities, and just plain ignorance? If you don't like a reviewer, move on. How would you feel if someone trashed you without even knowing you? People don't do this to make money, they're sharing their experience. So everyone please, grow up and show some civility and courtesy!

  14. My Samsung Convoy 2's external display is supposed to turn off after a few second, but it isn't, draining the battery very fast. I have to recharge it every 3 hours. Appreciate your help.