Cat S60 Tough Smartphone Review : World’s Toughest Smartphone With Flir ! ( Full review )

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In this one, we are looking at the Cat S60 smartphone, is it the world’s toughest smartphone. This is also the world’s first smartphone to be fitted with Flir. In this video, we look in depth at this thermal imaging camera.

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  1. You sound pretty excited over this phone! lol! – i hope you have tested it thoroughly because it is going to be my next buy! – thanks for the "manly" review! 😀 – Levi in Sweden

  2. advertencia!! ATENTION PLEASE!! mi s60 se ha roto su pantalla con una caida desde 0,50 mt… ok! repuestos en mi Pais Argentina? NO, Asistencia tecnica en mi paises Limitrofes? NO . Respuesta de CAT? NO NOS HACEMOS RESPONSABLE!! alguna respuesta viable de CAT? 0 asesorarse en tu pais sobre garantia y post venta. publicidad engañosa. saludos

  3. I've had this phone for about 6 months. Great phone. Only thing is the front mesh speaker is starting to come off. I researched it and I'm not the o my one that has had this problem. Didn't affect the phone tho.

  4. I've been researching this phone to buy other reviewers had problems with the protective speaker grill coming off or the Sim card door opening. Any such issues for you?

  5. I think this phone is much nicer looking than all the new ones are that you need to buy a case for so it doesn't get broken the first two minutes after you but it.

  6. That is definitely the phone I should get because it is thick enough for me to hold onto and the fact that it is stronger than a regular smart phone is a bonus.

  7. Great video. "It's a man phone"', well I think the target users are the professional men and "women" that are responsible for making the world go round. I am looking at this phone as I think Cat gets the need. Not sure where the bottle opener was located on this device, but for me in the facility and security business, the flir option, sos button, and programable side button that should work with PTT providers seems to be a must have. So, it's bye bye iPhone 5S after three years, but now it is time for a real working phone.

  8. Regarding cheap chargers , i know it sounds silly but ….. that slightly brown coloued mask with that font for the CE stuff and all , is usualy a sign of s decent charger , all the blackberries used to have that and many motorolla as well.

    silly i know , but never had a dodgy one with the brown mask for the markings, low power sure , but never a dangerous one.

    WOW , it uses the camera to impliment MSX, thats cool.