Change Samsung Galaxy S8 Clock on Lock Screen Turn on CC for Instructions.

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Turn on CC / Subtitles for Instructions
In this free Video Tutorial from we will show you how to Change that annoying stacked number clock on the Lock Screen that come’s on the New Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.
This method is free and DOES NOTE require to use the Always on Display ( AOD ) . Takes less than 2 mins, costs nothing.


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  1. Yes but once you apply theme the clock is ok. But if you change the wallpaper of any theme or change to a live wallpaper on top of the theme the clock again changes to the annoying stupid Samsungs stock clock for the S8 and S8+ so annoying…

  2. Fucking hate dicks like this idiot not saying a word plus I don't want to download a shity theme I just want to change the stupid clock style

  3. This worked, but I don't like the way my groups look. Is there a theme that makes them like the default? A visible bubble instead of a square outline with black background.

  4. Hey Samsung do a fucking update so we can just change the fucking clock style for fuck sakes. Who wants to look at a clock like vertically. If it's a standard unchangeable clock then at the very least give us a regular fucking horizontal clock.

  5. My clock only stays like that when i have a notification but when i swiped away the notification the clock went back into the upper and lower format

  6. You can also use Sony Ascend Ui (White) If black is not your color. Pretty close to stock theme with corporate green color.