Change these iOS 11 settings right away (CNET How to)

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iOS 11 is finally here:
Whether you just got a new iPhone or iPad, or you’ve installed the update, these are the settings to change before you do anything else.

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  2. iOS 11 dark Mode sucks, tried it and at first liked it but then when I went to YouTube to watch something it looked all funky, wth Apple! I thought you guys knew how to revolutionize but this crap sucks!

    On to the next rant which suck on iOS11, Notifications- we still can't swipe them away when they pop up on the screen while watching a video or something and on top of that they're all over the place and not organized!

    Back to Dark and Night Mode- Why the hell didn't Apple just place those options in the quick access app switcher! We have to go digging around like dumbasses.

    When trying to share a video, say I try to share this video on my FB, why the hell did they take the FB option away from the quick access options? Now you have to go digging by choosing "MORE" then finding it among your apps. Simply stupid what they did!

    Finally, there's no reboot option. By now you'd think they'd get their head out their ass but Apple just keeps screwing us by making us pay just to be able to use quickcharge, I'm so ficken tired of Apple's garbage!

  3. Do not disturb while driving may have been developed with good intentions but its not perfect. How does the phone know if I am driving or a passenger? How does it know if I am on a bus or train? It doesn't so I will stick to turning it on manually or just ignoring my phone until I get to where I am going like I do now.

  4. Like Newsy, I hate these vids with no announcer and I have to stop what I'm doing and read the pop-ups. Many times I don't even know about the popups and just hear the music. Can't get an intern to read the lines?

  5. Seriously? These are things we probably already know about. What you should’ve told us is that those of us that have the 6 Plus are unable to go to Formats after selecting Camera in the Settings menu because such a option is nowhere to be found!

  6. I have a question, I would like Facebook synced with the iOS operating system as was possible in iOS 10, but they got rid of that feature (or changed it some place or whatever) in iOS 11. Is it at all possible to keep the support for this in iOS 11 with some sort of tweak in the settings or something? I'm not really in the mood to jailbreak my iPhone and the feature was useful because I was able to use Siri as well as have my Facebook contacts synced with my contacts app, those are the only 2 features I ask of if they're still available.