Check Out This Awesome Magnifier Feature for Your iPhone!

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Apple includes an accessibility feature in iOS that’s useful if you have a visual impairment, but can even come in handy if your eyes are simply tired or you’re struggling to read something like small print, especially in poor light.

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  1. I have the magnify feature added to the pull up menu so I don't have to tap the home button multiple times to access it. Found the feature to be great with macro photography but saving the image doesn't seem to save it zoomed in so I instead just use the screen capture function. I'm honestly impressed that the iPhone camera can pick up so many fine details. Especially when photographing plants and insects.

  2. Thanks bunches for sharing this feature. I use the magnifier since years. So I can leave my special and very big expensive magnifier at home. I guess many guys don’t know all the iOS features. Apple should communicate this very important part much more.

  3. First YouTube comment:

    You can also add the magnifier to the control center through the Settings app

    Settings>Control Center>Cusomize Controls>tap the green + icon next to the magnifier and its in control center

    So if you don’t want to use the side button on an iPhone X XR XS or XS Max or your home button is broken on your iPhone 8 or earlier just use Control Center to access the magnifier

  4. I'm visually impaired, so this will be very useful! Up to now, I had been using just the camera app on the iPhone XR, and although I knew about the Magnifier setting, I thought all that did was magnify the actual screen, which I don't want or need to do. This makes things a lot easier, thanks for sharing!