CO-OP 0310: Android vs. iPhone. FIGHT!

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Android or iPhone? Perhaps not a nerd debate to be decided in a single episode, but that doesn’t stop Cesar and Rob from taking some . . . extreme measures. Fortunately their adorable little feud didn’t harm our interview with Mass Effect 2 producer Adrien Cho when we got to go check out the game last week. A few of our friends stuck around to talk about their brief play-session afterward including one “J. Cannata”–if that is his real name! Avatar is no doubt going to break (or has already broken) some kind of box-office record, but the game leaves something to be desired. Lastly, the most-likely-overlooked LittleBigPlanet for the PSP stands up proudly on its own as a must-have for any PSP owner.


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  1. Sony is making 3d tv's and everybody is acting like it's the future for entertainment, when it's been around for games are entertainment just like movies and don't be an asshole and be so close minded, it's all the same crap with stupid glasses

  2. mass effect 2 looks great. but i kindas hate how they keep referring to gears of war. mass effect is no gears of war(not that gears is bad)
    but i love mass effect because its, its own game so to say.
    funny thing is. even tho the shooter aspect has taken steroids, there are much much more grander qualities and innovations to the game.
    makes you think how awesome it will be.

  3. @HELLISHHANDZ I do find myself bored of the game because I can't dick around with other people. I've got nothing against CREATIVE and single player games…. but…. I want to share in the creativity… in more than just downloadable maps.

  4. I can't believe he died in Mass Effect so many times. I'm not a great gamer or anything, but I've found the first ME to be rather easy. Maybe it's because I keep on top of upgrades.

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