COD Black Ops – iPhone vs. Android

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What is your take on the iPhone vs. Android debate? Why do android phones have apps designed to make the phone look like the iPhone? I made the switch to the iPhone in December of 2010.

Is Chris Smoove an apple fanboy? We need to create a new term to replace fanboy. Fanboy doesn’t sound very Smoove.

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  1. Playing bf with mouse and keyboard and own windows are for kids that can't convince their parents to buy the consoles
    Lets just leave it like that

  2. I just switched over to Apple from Android and in my opinion Apple is vastly superior though I will miss being able to use emulators on Android and a host of their other exclusive apps.

  3. People like iPhones because it's apple lol android is way better and has way more things that is why the iOS 7 update apple made the iPhone and iPads have an android look. I do own a ipad mini but I have an android phone

  4. in my opinion i think samsung galaxy is better. I had a iPhone but i didn't like it, once i switched to the galaxy i loved the Samsung Galaxy 🙂

  5. Lol. Chris smoove knew noting about phones. It's called a proximity sensor that senses it and turns the screen on. Androids are more powerful, but iPhone know how to use what they have close to flawlessly. The my touch was a budget T-Mobile phone it's supposed to be garbage

  6. just a funny fact. apple makes u pay 40% of the phones price just for the brand apple. just so u can have that apple token on ur phone u pay 40% of the price. lets say iphone 8 is $€ 1000 u pay 400 for that token the phone is actually worth 600. go on google see for urself u cant deny the facts 🙂