Connecting USB OTG Cable with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & Connecting USB Devices

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Does USB OTG Cable works with Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Yes it does and check out the video that how you can connect other USB devices with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 including USB Drive, Mouse, Keyboard and PS3 Controller (Game Controller).

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  1. Awesome! I'm getting a Note 3 later today, and I was looking for a way to connect a keyboard and this answered everything I needed and more! Thank you!

  2. I have bought a otg cable from ebay and it works fine with usb stick but it doesn't work with my wirreles usb mouse and it doesn't work with my ps3 controller neither

  3. Hello

    1. Do i need a rooted android system for connecting an external hard drive?
    2. Can i connect two or more usb devices at once such as mouse, keyboard and external hdmi or vga monitor to Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Is there some otg usb hub ro so?
    3. And can i connect ntfs external hard drive with a big mkv video files?

    Thank you

  4. Our computer is a bust. It won't work now. Bad thing is many of my documents are stranded in my cloud. I need a usb to at least preserve them. I cannot transfer them to a flash disk. But now, I can use my note 3 as a means to save documents in my flash disk.