Cool iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Tips & Tricks You Should Use – How To Use The iPhone

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New iPhone 7 and 7 Plus tips and tricks that you should be using.
If you are looking to learn more about how to use the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus then have a look at the playlist below. Post any iPhone tips and tricks in the comments below.

More iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Tips & Tricks

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  1. Can I ask, will my iPhone 5s SIM card still work with the 7?
    I am upgrading from a 5s so I can't wait! I love watching your tips videos before I get a new apple device 🙂

  2. Had little choice but to turn to iPhone 7 plus after my Note 7 was ripped from my sad little fingers. It's been hard transitioning. I fit the very definition of Android user. However, as I've grown tired of my own complaining, this morning I turned to YouTube for tutorials. Your tutorials have helped immensely. You're clear. Move fast enough. Short enough to hold my attention until I want to know a different subject. Thanks. You've really helped alleviate my anxiety and stress. Now if you could talk Apple into allowing me the option to arrange my icons where I want them…… 😉

  3. This is my 1st iPhone I can't stand it. Every thing is extra to me. Simple things like adding music is difficult and if I have my iCloud turned on why when I click on my iCloud Drive nothin is in it