CPU Performance Impacted as battery wears out : iPhone 6, 6S, SE and 7

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This video was shot before Apple confirmed that battery wear impacts CPU performance.

Check story on the Verge here :

Battery Life App :

CPU DasherX

I have only been able to reproduce this on the 6S as I was able to borrow a device with a very worn battery. All other devices still perform at full CPU speed as they have limited battery wear. So luckily I could borrow a device for this video.

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  1. So funny to read the Samsung knights comments all over the internet. Apple is doing that because they support their devices for 4 years instead of 2 years for Samsung. I’m sure that Google will have to do that with their Pixel device since they support them for 3 years.

  2. I’m using iPhone 6s since it released three to four years . I think nothing wrong with apple . I have used my phone so hard most of the day and the phone still survived
    I think the battery done good job for three years now it’s just start to be exhausted
    Reverse to any other devices my note 4 and 5 doesn’t survive for I year I replaced the battery

  3. With my 6s it has 16% wear and still works well in terms of performance. iOS has even been great, not perfect but great. With battery by the time I hit around 20-25% that’s 4.5-5 hrs of use

  4. My battery wear is 8% on a 6 months old SE and I have it locked at 911MHz all the time. WTF? If it was a battery issue, it wouldn’t throttle on a charger also. My geekbench is 1400 SC and 2500MC aka iPhone 6 level.

  5. Why Apple does my iPhone 6 plus, when the battery capacity is 93%?!?
    I conclude that they are urging me to replace an excellent battery (or iphone) because (I do not know how) they concluded that it is "old" and that it can not meet the needs of the processor …

  6. My 5 months old iphone 7’s battery wear is 0% … but still my battery is dropping at the rate of 1% every 5 min with bare minimum usage .. should I worry or it’s just because of the bugs in ios 11.2.1?

  7. My new 6s has a 44xx on Geekbench but my moms old one with 35% wear got a 19xx is that normal or is there a different problem with her phone

  8. For all those who have replaced with a new battery and still not getting the original cpu frequency, try another apple battery (original), cpu will get back to normal frequency.

  9. I have an iPhone 7 and my battery wear level jumps between 8% and 13%.The frequency of the chip with 8% wear is normal but it drops when the battery wear jumps up to 13%.Apple is not letting me replace my battery as well.Any suggestions?