Customize the dock on iPhone iOS 11.3 – 11.4 UPDATE !

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Customize the dock on iPhone iOS 11.3 – 11.4 UPDATE !

Color dock wallpaper Mod:

iPhone X wallpaper Mod:

iPhone SE 2 This is it !

iOS 11.4 Beta 3 Released | What’s New ?

New iOS 11.3.1 JAILBREAK has been Accomplished

iOS 11.4 beta 2 & iOS 11.3.1 follow up & iOS 11.4 beta 3 Release Date


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  1. I swear you people are so stupid. If you would spend the extra minute and finish watching the video, you'd see that there are options for older devices. I have lost all hope in humanity at this point. 99 likes on a comment complaining that IDH isn't including videos about older devices. I give up on you people.

  2. Would it have been hard to add an “X” in the title after “iPhone” or do those extra hopefull views really get you a lot of money?

  3. Dude you are a fake ass DOUCHE BAG!!!!! There is no such setting for this?? I'm beta 11.4 beta 3. Stop making these fake iPhone features