DASH Car Charger for OnePlus 6/5T/5/3T/3/2/One! [Also does Quick Charge]

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For those of you who own a OnePlus 6, 5T, 5, 3T, 3, 2, or One smartphones, you may want to consider getting a DASH compatible car charger so you can quickly re-charge your OnePlus phone while driving.  Well, I found a great product for that and it also support Quick Charge so you can charge your other QC2.0/3.0 devices like LG G7 or Galaxy S9.

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Upon testing, the APLUS DASH Car Charger works beautifully, re-charging both my OnePlus 6 using DASH charge OR re-charging my LG G7 using Quick Charge.   Also, DASH charge is 100% compatible with Oppo’s VOOC charging since they are actually identical technologies, just marketed differently.  So if you have any OPPO smartphones, you will also be able to use VOOC charging to quickly re-charge your OPPO smartphone.

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  1. Did you know another (not original from Oneplus ) cable can use with Dash Charge ? Huawei cable can charge with Dash Charge ? OPPO can't find a replace cable for my OnePlus.

    poorly manufactured Chinese garbage this asshole is spamming? Has his hat backwards to appeal to stupid kids. Many reports of these ridiculous fake items being DOA, with bad ports and faulty cables.
    Do not buy. Read Amazon reviews. Pure trash.

  3. Nice video. Bought the aukey QC car charger after watching your review on it last year. It's an awesome product. Very convenient to be able to top up battery so efficiently while driving. Would love to see some OP6 custom rom videos

  4. I’ve got a OnePlus dash car charger and it doesn’t fast charge my S9+
    I believe Samsung is using a different technique called “adaptive fast charger”