Dear Samsung!

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Dear Samsung. Let’s chat for a lil bit

Galaxy S8 Impressions:

Galaxy S8 first party cases:

Dear Apple:

Video Gear I use:



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  1. You need to write a Dear Windows Mobile letter because they fell off with smartphones. In 2000 they were the number one smart phone software and now there practically extinct.

  2. Hey Marques , I have a theory why that happens, I am from Portugal and I have a bunch of Samsung stuff , a tablet , the S8 , etc and some things from Google don't work here like Google assistant but Bixby (only in english and some chinese or japanese) works here, I use it in english and it is not bad. I think all over Europe it's the same.

  3. very basic answer , US launches communication satellites and sells/trades its data with other nations. In 1999, India was refused this strategic surveillance data during the war of Kargil against Pakistan by the US and it compromised many lives and prolonged the war. So by your logic all other nations should still stop doing the same as it is already there instead of removing dependencies ?