Depth of Field Techniques on an iPhone: iPhoneography with Nicki Fitz-Gerald

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In this episode Nicki will show you how to create a shallow depth of field on your iPhone by using the lock focus mode on the native apple camera or how to cheat it on a photograph you’ve already taken using the Leonardo app – great for when your subject is lost against a busy background.

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  1. This has been a very good series that has enriched my knowledge of iPhoneography. Ms. Fitz-Gerald is an excellent presenter. I use Camera+ and PureShot on my iPhone 5s.

  2. thank you Nicki – quick, easy to understand tutes, about the subject and not the presenter – thank you, you are a welcome breath of fresh air on this You Tube (its all about me, me, me) learning environment

  3. There are a ton of good photo editing apps. I have a bunch of them on my Apple devices. Its a good idea to visit the App Store periodically so that you can see what new apps are out that may help you do something you haven't been able to do before.

  4. I think the app is an OK tool for covering the hardware limitations, but the results are less than ideal. Natural looking is extremely tricky to achieve. I´ve tried it in PS elements and the results are as seen in the video. the transitions between sharp and smooth are a tad artifitial. Also, any smartphone screen is too small, at least to my eyes.
    But If we considered that this can be done with the phone you already have and a single app, instead of a big sensor camera with a huge aperture lens, I guess this is a winner for 95% of us.
    Thnks for the video.