Did Apple Kill Jailbreaking with iOS 11 ?

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Did Apple Kill Jailbreaking with iOS 11 ?
Is Jailbreaking dead? My thoughts.

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  1. I loved intelliscreen X. They stopped updating it back in iOS 8 I believe. That and the fact that we paid 10.00 bucks for it was kinda shady!

  2. Honestly I'm loosing hope for the Jailbreak. I'm gonna wait till August if nothing happens after that I'm updating to iOS 11. Watch the jailbreak release after I update…..story of my life lol ?

  3. Jailbreaking adds still so much like being able to downgrade apps and ios itself and being able to schedule system wide actions to happen and having direct access to the system files (unlike the new files app) and simply removing some of those pesky far over prolonged animations that it's a essential for me and i won't giving it up unless cydia itself closes down (in which case android life moving forward)

  4. i dont think we gonna have a jailbreak. ever again. coz all the people who finds the bugs and exploits. they'll give it all away to Apple.

  5. Jailbreaking is all fun and games until your battery goes from 100% to 1% real quick! Also, why do people jailbreak just to make their UI even uglier than stock? Bet this theme iDeviceHelp is using cost him $5! Those overpriced shitty themes is why I Jailbreak just to pirate! I lost interest in JB all together, so much CONS comes with Jailbreaking, especially using today's tools. #RIPJB

  6. Some people jailbreak for stupid reasons or to show off. But jailbreaking is even greater for smarter individuals that sought to be more productive with their devices, for example; automated emails setup for small business owners. access to folder managers is excellent.. NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD EVER CONSIDER ANDROID.. once Jailbreaks are over no longer need the iOS. sorry Apple

  7. Jailbreak will never be compromised for the reasons; IOS 5 yes the iOS software that supposedly changed the world with the notification features n shit which most were completely stolen and remarked versions of the cydia tweaks that added notify center. My point is without cydia/jailbreaking apple would be fucked not extraordinarily, but widely for the fact that many people buy iPhones "ONLY FOR JB" like myself! Apple have been stealing ideas from the Jb community for years now, you'd think apple would have made a much better security system by now; tbh, there best bet now would to have auto download software updates, right! That's not the case.

    Apple depends on these 3rd party developers; for the fact that they are the suppliers and apples the demand, without them they are utterly doomed there programmers have it easy they lay back and wait for the ideas to come rolling in without doing a damn thing. Apple wants us to believe they do everything they can in the world to patch these new jb tools with each major software which isn't the case "AT ALL". The little bug fixes are cover-ups giving the illusion that they are doing everything they can to block the "open OS" look at it this way jb is the promoter of Apple because with every new jailbreak that comes out of every new software keeps the apple buyers satisfied jb user or not its common sense!

    Ps: Thanks for reading my rant, I apologize; have a great day!✌???

  8. I need I Jailbreak for my iphone. I'm force to use A Samsung if there is no JB?this phones are a piece of sh#$%t