Dimensity 820 Heat PROBLEM? Redmi 10X 5G One Week Later Review!

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I set out to answer the MediaTek Dimensity 820 Redmi 10X 5G so-called heating issue some claim it has. Is it just clickbait or a real issue? After 2 hours of straight gaming will it cook my dinner? Also my thoughts and update after using it over a week. And some comparisons vs the K30 Pro (Poco F2 Pro)
Part 1 of this Redmi 10X 5G review: I got it from here:

00:00 – Intro and specs
00:37 – Thoughts on the camera
02:09 – Performance vs SD865 UFS 3.1 phone
06:22 – Battery life and charge time
07:30 – Thermal issues? 2-hour gaming test thermals
11:21 – Final words – It’s a game-changer

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  1. Snapdragon is similar to intel. Expensive and popular. But Mediatek similar to Amd a newcomer and now they're better and better also affordable.

  2. AMD vs Intel! Wait i mean MTK vs SND!

    I wont be surpirse MTK actually take a chunk of lessons from AMD successful journey in CPU market; focus from bottom then win to the top!

    It's even great to hear that they open source their chip to allow for easier update support by custom rom dev, which mean i dont hve to worry not buying a SND devices, as that always been the case in the past when one think custom ROM'ing down the line

  3. 44 on he back 1.4h gaming vs my phone not going much ( just whatsapp and brightness on 20% and screen rez 720p ) phone is s8 exynos 47c on the back XD